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We are a private strength and conditioning facility located in the heart of the Central San Joaquin Valley. At CrossFit Fresno we believe in quality coaching, efficient workouts, setting goals, and tracking progress on a daily basis.

We believe in hard work and dedication because after all, what you get out of your workouts is directly proportional to what you put into them. We believe in training movements not muscles. We believe in blurring the line between cardio and strength training. We believe in the importance of intensity and that routine is the enemy because workouts should constantly challenge you both physically and mentally. We believe in safety and technique because it isn’t just practice that makes perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. We believe in the support, friendly competition, and most importantly the fun found in a community of like-minded individuals all committed to the pursuit of bettering their lives.

If you believe you’re ready to make this commitment, we’re ready for you to join us at CrossFit Fresno.

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CrossFit Fresno – Friday, December 19


If you’re looking for the perfect gift, look no further! Give the gift that makes them think of you fondly every time their muscles are sore and they’re hitting PR’s in the box and in life. You can’t go wrong with a gift that not only stays with someone for a lifetime, but a gift that can be life-changing! Share CrossFit Fresno with your family and friends to show them you care. Or if you’ve never done CrossFit, maybe you want to get a gift certificate for yourself. We’re cool with that. Nothing wrong with caring about yourself too. Here are your options:

  • Foundations Program + 3 Months of 3 CrossFit Classes/Week – $360 (Best option for those new to CrossFit. $100 Savings because we’re throwing in Foundations for FREE!)
  • 1 Month of Unlimited CrossFit Classes – $150
  • 1 Month of 3 CrossFit Classes/Week – $120
  • Foundations Program – $100 (Required for those new to CrossFit.)

If you’re interested, contact us at jon@crossfitfresno.com and/or rosanna@crossfitfresno.com.




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