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We are a private strength and conditioning facility located in the heart of the Central San Joaquin Valley. At CrossFit Fresno we believe in quality coaching, efficient workouts, setting goals, and tracking progress on a daily basis.

We believe in hard work and dedication because after all, what you get out of your workouts is directly proportional to what you put into them. We believe in training movements not muscles. We believe in blurring the line between cardio and strength training. We believe in the importance of intensity and that routine is the enemy because workouts should constantly challenge you both physically and mentally. We believe in safety and technique because it isn’t just practice that makes perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. We believe in the support, friendly competition, and most importantly the fun found in a community of like-minded individuals all committed to the pursuit of bettering their lives.

If you believe you’re ready to make this commitment, we’re ready for you to join us at CrossFit Fresno.

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CrossFit Fresno – Wedesday, August 27



When we prep for snatches in warm-up we often pause at key positions, but we haven’t really worked those pauses with weight. For the pause snatch we want to focus on several things: 1) Back angle should not change during the first pull that brings the bar from the floor to the knees; 2) Keep the bar close by engaging the lats; 3) Push the knees back and out of the way; 4) After the pause at the knees, as you finish the snatch the bar should make contact at the hip crease/pubic bone. We’re looking to develop better strength in the back and hamstrings with this pause at the knees; really embrace the tightness in the hammies. This pause snatch should be the exactly movement pattern you follow for a snatch. As always, do not go up in weight if technique can’t be maintained.

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On the quest to getting to the rings for dips, we have done many of you a disservice by allowing far too much over-banding. It’s no secret bands provide a ton of help; assisting where there is a lack of strength and a lack of stability. Strength and stability are what make ring work challenging. By allowing the use of bands that attach to both rings, we’ve allowed you to actually work on neither. For this reason some of you may have noticed how we’ve tried to incorporate other modifications; i.e., performing ring dips on your toes, attaching the band to the bar, and parallete dips.

For the short WOD at the end, we insist that if you lack the shoulder stability and strength to perform ring dips with the thinnest band  attached to both rings with adequate slack, that you do parallete dips to focus on your strength. Make no mistake, parallete dips are still very challenging. Try to do them with your legs fully extended and make sure to drop the shoulders well below 90 degrees and return to full extension for full range of motion. In the future, mix up your modifications so that both your stability and strength are challenged.



Pause Snatch 3 x 3 x 70-75%, 2 x 2 x 80-85% of snatch 1RM  (2 sec pause at the bottom of the knees.)
Side Plank Hold 3 x 1 min, each side


For time

500m Row
then immediately, 5 Rounds of
10 Sit-Ups
10 Alternating Box Step-Ups, 24″ for 5’6″+/20″ for under 5’6″ (Tip: Use a corner.)
10 Ring Dips




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