CrossFit Fresno – Sunday, November 21 – Rest Day

Greetings from the Bay Area!
Just attended Carl Paoli’s fantastic Freestyle Connection Gymnastics Seminar at CrossFit Santa Clara.  If you’ll recall, in addition to being a coach at San Francisco CrossFit, Carl is the owner and founder of Naka Athletics.  At the seminar we learned a boat-load of new skill progressions that we’re excited about incorporating into our warm-ups as well as into our cool-downs.  We gained a tremendous amount of insight from Carl on how these will translate into us all being much more efficient, effective, and safe CrossFitters.  These new progressions will definitely spice-up our warm-ups and help us to develop and perfect many of the movements that we currently work on.  You’ll never look at handstand push-ups and pistol squats the same again.

Thanks so much to Carl for sharing his philosophy and experience with us.  He really has enlightened us with what it really means to achieve virtuosity.

At CrossFit Santa Clara: Carl Paoli in the center of the first row, Rosanna and Jon just to the left.



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